Shipping costs €7.50 for orders under €150
Shipping costs €7.50 for orders under €150

Fillings, bakery and decorations

Explore Almar’s innovative Goody system for filling, enriching and decorating, improving the quality of your products and reducing waste.

With Goody, you can instantly fill your croissants with one or two flavours, offering a very high level product, tastier than an already filled croissant.

Thanks to its easy and waste-free management, Goody is the ideal choice to make your business more efficient and save space and resources.

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Immerse yourself in the world of delicious delicacies with Almar Toppings, which transform every culinary creation into a work of art for the palate.

Thanks to their creamy texture and intense flavours, Almar Toppings add a touch of pleasure and refinement to every dish, making the eating experience an unforgettable moment. Packaged in practical bottles equipped with a dosing valve, Almar Toppings are easy to use and guarantee precise and uniform distribution on each delicacy.

And don’t forget the Almar Decorations, which transform every dessert into a visual and gustatory masterpiece.

With their variety of irresistible flavours, from chopped hazelnuts to grated coconut, from crunchy meringues to mini Amarelli sweets, Almar Decorations add that final touch of creativity and taste that makes each preparation unique. Choose Almar to enrich your creations and surprise your customers with an explosion of taste and imagination.

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