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Shipping costs €7.50 for orders under €150

Ginseng, barley, coffee and tea

Discover Almar’s irresistible Ginseng, Barley, Coffee and Tea drink categories, where each sip offers a unique experience and a host of wellness benefits.

From the energizing properties of ginseng to the delicacy of barley, from the intense aroma of coffee to the invigorating freshness of tea, we offer a vast selection to satisfy every taste and moment of the day.

Explore Almar drinks now for an unparalleled taste and well-being experience.

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Don’t settle for the same old experience: transform every sip into an unforgettable moment with Almar.

Offer your customers a delicious and creamy Chai Latte with Natura Chai, totally natural and suitable for all dietary preferences, including vegan diets.

Almar Ginseng Coffees offer 7 good reasons to prefer them: from the irresistible addictive taste to the ability to increase the revenues of your coffee shop, becoming an almost obligatory choice for consumers who return every day to enjoy their favorite coffee.

Made with a delicate blend of 100% arabica coffee, gluten-free, GMO-free, without preservatives and colourants, without hydrogenated fats or palm oil, Almar Ginseng Coffees satisfy the most demanding palates by offering a delicious and healthy option.

The simplicity of preparation, the speed of serving and the versatility of flavors between Amabile, Standard Cream or with Ginger make these coffees an ideal product for every café.

With high profit margins and a loyal customer base, choosing Almar means investing in quality, innovation and success for your business in the drinks sector.

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