Shipping costs €7.50 for orders under €150
Shipping costs €7.50 for orders under €150

Production and wholesale and retail’s sale of preparations and professional products for coffee shops and restaurants

Almar drink and Food was born in 1968 in a small artisan workshop near Milan with the ambition to produce the best hot chocolate for coffee shops.

In almost half a century of continuous research and innovation in the Milan’s factory, Almar has created beverage preparations according to its vocation: only with natural ingredients, then expanding its product offering year by year.

Today the company is present all over the world with mixtures and preparations for: chocolates, hot and cold creams, granites, sorbets, ice creams, yogurt, cold teas, herbal teas, ginseng coffee, fruit juices, milkshakes and with mixtures prepared for aperitifs.

Almar also has a research and development laboratory that allows it to develop new recipes in a very short time, in line with market

requirements and customized for the customer (private label) for the foreign market.

We make your business exclusive with unique products and solutions

As a Distributor a Retailer or a Business Owner, you will surely be accustomed to carefully choose your suppliers and you will try to constantly offer new products to your customers. But despite these expedients, how many competitors sell at least part of your own brands and your own drinks?

How much do you struggle to differentiate yourself?

If you want to avoid losing the market compared to your competitors, the solution is to constantly innovate your offer, but the downside is incurring the risk of clashing with wrong, unreliable suppliers that send goods of varying quality in a fluctuating manner, etc.

So how do you always give your customers new alternatives without running into unnecessary troubles?

First of all it is better to choose a  manufacturer that offers you only niche drinksprecious excellences, maybe made according to traditional recipes typical of a territory or with interesting nutritional values also for that part (always wider) of final consumers, which cares about well-being and applies special diets (vegan, lactosefree, gluten-free, no GMO, etc.).


  1. As a matter of exclusivity and … exclusive.
  2. Because your customer wants to stand out and offer alternative products
  3. Because you can enjoy much higher margins.


Having ascertained that it is always better for a distributor to offer niche products, it is necessary to know how to avoid the risks associated with this. 

Here is what a reliable beverage supplier offers:

  1. Made in Italy products, as food products made in Italy are commonly considered to be of higher quality, so they are also more easily marketable.
  2. No GMO, gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan products, as they are healthier and made with excellent ingredients. They are also more attractive to consumers who are more health conscious or with food restrictions due to intolerances and allergies.
  3. Products with a story to tell. Your customer wants to be able to offer in his restaurant a rich product, not only of flavour, but also of suggestions. He wants to be able to boast of offering a different, original drink, in line with his own image of a soughtafter restaurant.
  4. A range of products that allows satisfying the requests of a varied public through a single interlocutor.
  5. A service that guarantees distributors constant sales support and assistance.
  6. The training that is needed to offer the best products that must be prepared and mixed.

100% Natual and vegetal products, sugar free, vegan, gluten free and lactose free

Nature & Wellness: We are deeply convinced that it is possible to create good and tasty drinks and foods using only natural ingredients and free from animal components. Reducing or even eliminating sugar from our products allows us to offer our consumers healthy products that are suitable for everyone.

Almar produces 100% natural, vegetable and vegan products, sugar-free certified, but at the same time good and tasty, because our consumers must be able to enjoy well-being and be delighted.

Almar Sinergy Pro: The partnership you were looking for!

The partner program Almar Sinergy Pro®

When the partnership between a distributor and a manufacturer goes beyond the mere customer – supplier relationship, it is possible to obtain the best results in terms of customer satisfaction.

Because in addition to the quality and the appeal of the products, to make the difference on the market are the service, the constant presence, the support and the desire to evolve over time based on tastes of the customers.

This is why Almar, with its presence in 45 European and non-European countries and with 50 years of market expertise, has decided to create a partner program that represents a guarantee certificate of commitment and special attention that the Italian company dedicates to its distributors.

This is how ALMAR SINERGY PRO®, was born, the partner program made up of a series of services and unique guarantees on the market, such as:

  1. A varied and continuously expanding catalogue of Made in Italy products.
  2. The exclusive are that allows a high marginality.
  3. A 24-hour support service for 365 days a year with an international help desk.
  4. Sales support with targeted marketing campaigns for lead generation.
  5. Training on site, training service at the start of the collaboration at the new distributor’s headquarters.
  6. Light warehouse, possibility for the customer to make frequent orders with “AMAZON” logistics’ speed.
  7. Possibility of producing with private label mode.
  8. International expertise with specific certifications for each country.

A similar proposal is optimal for all food and beverage distributors for cafés, restaurants, coffee shops who want to move towards refined products, Made in Italy that allow them to stand out and increase their sales.

ALMAR SINERGY PRO® is the only program for distributors that allows you to have unique products on the market, exclusively and with guaranteed results.

Private label and tailor-made products: our quality and experience…your logo!

Due to the high flexibility of its factory, Almar is able to produce powder preparations for private label and tailor-made products for Ho.Re.Ca. market, Retail market, Importers, Distributors, Chains etc.
Almar can also produce private label for small quantity.

Almar’s constant research and development efforts ensure continuous product innovation, which enables the company to develop in a very short time, tailor-made products also for foreign market.

The Almar food safety management system is certified according to FSSC 22000 – certification recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). 

The Almar control system also guarantees the perfect and total traceability of all products and ingredients.

Research, development and quality control

Almar’s nutritionists and researchers are constantly engaged in working out product improvement to meet the ever-changing consumer trends.

Almar experts achieve the highest product quality by using only natural ingredients like spices and extracts and freeze-dried fruit; we never use preservatives, artificial colours and hydrogenated fats.

Our products are gluten-free and suitable for everyone, including celiacs people.

We produce 100% natural, vegetable, vegan, and free from any allergen products including milk and lactose. Certified sugar-free products, functional products suitable for type of consumers.

The production processes, manufacturing, processing, packaging and storage are carried out under the close supervision of Almar staff by applying a quality control system that checks each and every production lot. The entire production process is carried out in adherence with the Italian and European regulations: HACCP self-check system – Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, set by the European Directive 43/93 / EEC and Legislative Decree 155/97 replaced in 2006 by EC Regulation 852 / 2004. Almar control system guarantees full traceability of all components.

Laboratory tests

Our products are regularly tested by independent labs to guarantee compliance with the highest quality standards.

Certifications: International foor safety certification FSSC 22000

Almar Factory is certified according to the international standards for Food Safety Management System:

  • ISO 22000:2005, FSSC 22000 V4.1
  • ISO TS 22002-1:2013

Furthermore Almar may provide all kinds of certifications needed for exporting its products everywhere:

  • FDA compliant (10318507080)
  • Healthcare certification
  • GMO-free product statement
  • Compliance declaration with HACCP standards
  • Lab testing
  • Veterinary certification

Green Policy: Packing 100% recyclable and environment friendly production process

We respect the environment:

Almar policy is to use only fully recyclable packaging.

 We use only selected packaging according to international food safety standards that can be easily recycled starting from the separate collection carried out by the consumer:

  •  The sachets of our products are made of one-component recyclable material
  •  The cans are made of aluminium
  •  The cases and boxes are made of cardboard

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