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Shipping costs €7.50 for orders under €150

Goody Pistachio Cream

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Goody is the new system for filling, enriching and creating, improving product quality and reducing waste.


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Who doesn’t dream of increasing profits by increasing sales by improving the quality and breadth of their offering while reducing waste and related costs?

Enter the GOODY world and your dream comes true! 75% extra fruit jams, delicious velvety creams made to fill, garnish and enrich your customers’ breakfasts, snacks and pleasant moments, eliminating all waste.

Cold filling on the spot, with one or more flavors preferred by the customer, makes your brioches unforgettable and your place a point of reference for breakfasts, increasing your profits. No more leftover stuffed croissants to dispose of in the evening, no more consumption, excessive waste and theft of single portions during hotel breakfasts.

Perfectly preserved under glass, the jams and creams are dispensed with the practical stainless steel dispensers. With Goody you differentiate yourself and grow your business.


  • High quality: fill the croissants at the moment “cold” with one or two flavors and offer a very high level product, much tastier than an already filled croissant.
  • Zero waste = savings: Buy only empty croissants without risking making wrong choices and being left without the taste the customer wants.
  • Easier management: Every day you only order empty croissants. Much simpler and less risky than ordering pre-filled products.
  • Less space: storing only empty croissants takes up less space
  • Extra Fruit: Goody jams contain 75% fruit for an unforgettable taste.
  • Glass vases: Glass is the best and healthiest container. It does not release odors or substances, it is recyclable and is beautiful to look at and display.
  • Multifunction: you can use Goody to fill croissants, waffles, crepes, but also excellent for garnishing yogurt, cold creams and to give a touch of creativity to your desserts and creations.
  • Reliable and economical: The stainless steel dispensers are robust and reliable. They dispense the right quantity without waste and are easy to clean.
  • A taste for every consumer: 6 different flavors to satisfy even the most demanding consumers.
  • 100% recyclable packaging: Almar also pays close attention to respecting the environment.

Valori nutrizionali / Nutrition declaration – per 100 g-

Valore energetico / Energy value 618
KJ /100g 2459
Grassi / Fats 37,6 g
di cui saturi/ of which saturated 3,6 g
Carboidrati / Carbohydrate 51,5 g
di cui zuccheri/ of which sugar 42,7 g
Proteine / Protein 9,5 g
Fibre / Fiber 6,2 g
Sale / Salt 0,03 g



18 months, if stored in the intact original packaging and in a cool, dry place. Once the jar has been opened, consume it within a year.



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