Yogurt Cream Mix

Yogurt Cream Mix
€19,80 (18,00 € + iva)
Prodotto alimentare senza Glutine
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Campiglio Yogurt cream Mix

You can enjoy a creamy yogurt any time of the day on its own or with fresh fruit, with toppings or cereals!

You can serve a delicious creamy yogurt by simply blending Almar cream yogurt mix with a dash of milk.

Almar cream yogurt is made from carefully selected materials with no hydrogenated fat and has a range of flavors. It can be dressed-up with fresh fruit toppings and Almar cereals.

€19,80 (18,00 € + iva)
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  • For any time of day, to enjoy by itself or with fruit, with toppings or with cereals.
  • With the yogurt cream powder and the addition of milk you can get delightful yogurt cold cream.
  • Ideal for breakfast or snack the cold cream is made with carefully selected raw materials and without hydrogenated fats, it can be garnished with cereals, fresh fruit and toppings to create many different and tasty recipes.

Campiglio yogurt cream is Gluten Free, no Hydrogenated fats, and GMO free


Tailor-made products and Private Label

Almar is able to produce powder preparations for private label and tailor-made products for Ho.Re.Ca. market, Retail market, Importers, Distributors, Chains etc.

How to prepare

Yogurt cold  cream               

confezione da 300 g

500 g bag

1 Kg bag

1 lt di latte

2 liter of milk

4 liter of milk


70 servings 80 cc

140 servings 80 cc 

Mix the contents of the bag of 500 grams of almar Yogurt cream with 2 liters  of semi skimmed long-life milk.
Pour the mixture into the bowl and wait for 50 minutes before getting a soft yogurt cream, serve in glass and garnish as desired with toppings, and fresh fruit

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