Naxos Granita Syrups

Naxos Granita Syrups
€20,50 (16,80 € + iva)
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Prodotto senza lattosio
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An easy way to make Italian Granita!

To make slush you only need Almar neutral powder mix, water and the range of Almar flavored granita syrups.

It is the best solution to offer a whide range of flavors with just a single bowl slush machine.
€20,50 (16,80 € + iva)
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An easy way to prepare Italian Granita directly in the glass!

Syrups made of concentrated fruit

The Almar syrups have a practical pump for a better dosage (to buy separately).

Packaging: 1 Kg Bottle - 6 bottles for box

How to prepare
Slush Machine

confezione da 300 g
naxos neutral base 700 g bag

1 lt di latte
4 lt water

12 tazze
33 servings 180ml

Mix the content of a bag of 700 g of granita with 4 liters of water. Pour the mixture into the slush machine and wait for 60 minutes before getting a granite to be served in a glass, adding the syrups of the flavour desired.

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