Almar DZ012 Chocolate machine for single servings

Almar DZ012 Chocolate machine for single servings
€487,00 (399,18 € + iva)

Chocolate machine for Italian Hot chocolate

  • Pre-setting and automatic control of mixing and cooking time
  • Three push-buttons to pre-select 1 or 2 cups of chocolate to be prepared in one single cycle
  • One extra push-button to warm up other types of hot beverages
  • Easy and fast to twist off nozzle/stirrer, easy to clean
  • The machine calculates the quantity of steam delivered and warns when the filter needs to be replaced
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Patented machine for the preparation of thick hot chocolate made with fresh milk.

It is extremely simple to use:

  • Fill the provided jug with full cream milk, add a sachet of powdered chocolate and, without stirring, place the jug on the machine support.
  • Press the button with the number of drinks desired.
  • In a few seconds you will have a perfect cup of thick hot chocolate.

Compared to traditional chocolate machines, DZ12 produces no wastes, as it uses powder sachets with precise doses.
This new machine is absolutely innovative and brews an excellent chocolate in the traditional way, using fresh milk; flavours can be easily altered.
The bartender can also serve other customers while the machine works.
We believe that our new and easy chocolate brewing system will set a higher standard for the future, and our machine will be a must-have for every cafè in the field.

Technical features
Technical features

Dimensions LxPxA: 14,7 x 34,5 x 47 cm
Weight 8 kg
Voltge 220/230 V 50/60 Hz
Water tank capacity 1,5 L
Other Features
Other Features

Accessories included: 

  • 2 glass jar 1,2 lt
  • 2 interchangeable hot chocolate mixers
  • Special anti-limestone filter (duration: 850 hot chocolate cups)

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