Promotion: Slush machine 3 lt + 5 bags of neutral base Granita Naxos +3 Syrups

Promotion: Slush machine 3 lt + 5 bags of neutral base Granita Naxos +3 Syrups

Price as configured: €658.80

Get the promotion! Almar pays back the machine's cost!

  • Buy the 3l slush machine at a very low price and get 5 bags of Naxos neutral base + 3 Syrups for granita for free ;
  • With 5 free bags you can prepare up to 1800 servings of Italian Granita; selling them you will earn enough mony to repay the machine's cost

Do not wait, choose this promotion and take advantage of the great opportunity we offer you!

Price as configured: €658.80

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  • Avaiability In stock
  • Shock proof, non toxic polycarbonate container, with about 3 litres capacity
  • Mixing system by patented magnetic transmission
  • Stainless steel body
  • Air - cooled condenser
  • Overload protector
Technical features
Technical features

Transparent removable bowls N 1
Capacity of each bow L 3
Width cm 18
Dept cm 47
Hight cm. 51
Net weight (ca) Kg 20
Gross weight(ca) Kg 22
Adjustable thermostat N 1
Other Features
Other Features

Micro is a slush machine extremely compact, but it is as professional and reliable as its "bigger" sisters. Stylish and space saving, it will allow you to handle small quantities of product, avoiding waste. It is equipped with a new 3 lt bowl specially designed for better preparation of cold creams and easier collection of condensate. Its minimum size, high quality and intuitive electronic control make it a reliable partner for your business.

How to prepare Italian Granita

Macchina granitore Granismart


confezione da 700 g    


4 L acqua


33 porzioni

slush machine  700 g bag 4 l of water 33 servings 180 ml


Mix 700 g bag of freeze-dried mix of Naxos Almar slush in 4 liters water.

Pour the mixture into slush maker bowl. Slush is ready in about 60 minutes. Pour into the glass and add flavour with Almar syrups for granita

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