For e sweet moment of Relax!

A new sensorial experience that favours the wellness of the organism and stimulates the mind. Luxury Tea & Infusion is an exclusive and high quality tea, for the most trendy places that want to offer their customers a unique product.

The pyramid tea bags of Almar Luxury Tea & Infusion are not only aesthetically more appealing, but also allow the preservation of the tea leaves, while in herbal teas the parts of fruit or flowers are found inaccurately and naturally because they are not totally beated.


  • It is unique: an exclusive product, with a luxurious and innovative packaging, able to distinguish you from the offer of

  • It is fragrant and healthy: a fine selection of teas, infusions and whole-leaf teas packed in pyramidal tea bags.

  • It is good: depending on the mixture chosen, relaxing, calming, stimulating, regularizing, moisturizing, diuretic, antidepressant, purifying properties are obtained.

  • Pyramid tea bag: allows the tea leaves to be rehydrated and expanded to allow the release of all their beneficial and
    sensorial properties at the moment of infusion. Moreover, the transparency of the tea bag makes possible to enjoy a magical moment of enchantment during the infusion.

  • Many different flavors: we have 19 fine blends of black tea, green tea, red tea, infusions and herbal teas to choose from and to satisfy all tastes.

  • It is Vegan and Organic: in addition to being gluten-free and GMO-free, Luxury Tea & Infusion is also vegan and organic.

  • Respect for nature: Almar pays particular attention to the environment, our tea bags are entirely compostable while the packaging is 100% recyclable.

Almar, with its presence in 45 European and non-European countries and with 50 years of market expertise, has decided to create a partner program that represents a guarantee certificate of commitment and special attention that the Italian company dedicates to its distributors.This is how ALMAR SINERGY PRO®, was born, the partner program made up of a series of services and unique guarantees on the market