The new healthy sugar free drink that makes the difference. Grow up your sales!

Natura Chai Almar is a new healthy product hat energizes and delights the palate. A new sensory experience. A delicious novelty with a spicy taste. With a velvety and enveloping texture, an irresistible pleasure for every moment of relax. A unique opportunity for all the trendiest places.


  • 100% vegetal: entirely vegetable, no ingredient of animal origin, ideal for all types of diets and for those who are intolerant to gluten and lactose.
  • Sugar free 
  • Good and healthy: gluten-free - GMO-free - without preservatives, colorings and additives - without hydrogenated fats or palm oil.
  • Very easy to prepare: just add the preparation in milk powder or water and heat it with the steam wand of the coffee machine. 
  • Very quick to serve: don’t waste time during the service.
  • High profit margins: the cost per portion is low. The selling price is about 4 times the cost per portion.
  • It is an exclusive product: it is a unique product, which differentiates your shop from the others.
  • it is versatile: you can serve it with either milk or water, depending on the customer’s request. Moreover, it is possible to propose different recipes, to satisfy all needs.

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How to prepare

With the steamer of the coffee machine

Mix very well 25g of Natura Chai with 200 ml of water or milk (cow or vegetal) and then heat it up with the steamer of the coffee machine for few minutes.

With a microwave or a pot

Heat up 200 ml of milk (cow or vegetable) or water and then add 25g of product, which corresponds to about 4-5 full teapoons. Mix well and serve.