Sweet Dreams - Functional infusion

Sweet Dreams - Functional infusion
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The relaxing power of chamomile flowers. Free the mind and relax the body.

  • Ingredients from certified organic agriculture: 100% chamomile flowers
  • Content per box: Nr 15 pyramids filters - 100% Bio compostable
  • strong>Packaging: 100% recyclable 
  • Gluten free
  • It is fragrant and healthy: a fine selection of teas, infusions and whole-leaf teas packed in pyramidal tea bags.
  • Pyramid tea bag: allows the tea leaves to be rehydrated and expanded to allow the release of all their beneficial and sensorial properties at the moment of infusion. Moreover, the transparency of the tea bag makes possible to enjoy a magical moment of enchantment during the infusion.

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Exclusive organic long leaf infusions with flowers and whole fruits in a pyramidal filter

Luxury Tea & Infusion, is the new Almar Infusion collection. A unique product that gives you a new sensory experience, which helps the well-being of the organism and stimulates the mind. Luxury Tea & Infusion is an exclusive and high-quality product for all the trendiest places that want to offer their Customers a distinctive product. The pyramid filters of Almar Luxury Tea & Infusion, with their sophisticated design, allow the tea leaves to be preserved intact inside and, in herbal teas, the pieces of fruit and flowers are natural as they are not powdered. The generous size of the pyramidal filter allows the leaves and fruits to rehydrate and expand to help the release of all their beneficial and sensory properties during the infusion process. The transparency of the filter makes it possible to enjoy a magic moment of enchantment during the infusion.

    • Ingredients from certified organic agriculture:  100% chamomile flowers
    • Content per carton: Nr 15 pyramids filter 100% Bio compostable
    • Packaging: 100% recyclable 
    • Gluten free

Bio compostabile  Piramide

How to prepare
Put a bag in a cup and pour hot water at 70°C. keep in infusion for 4-5 minutes for teas and 6-8 for infusions.