Cortina Hot Chocolate Delux Pack

Cortina Hot Chocolate Delux Pack
€6,60 (6,00 € + iva)
Prodotto alimentare senza Glutine
Prodotto senza lattosio
Tutti i prodotti Almar sono senza OGM
Prodotto adatto per Vegani

Enjoy a cup of hot or cold Almar chocolate as a dessert made from the best Dutch 22/24 cocoa powder available.

You can serve a hot chocolate at your preferred density by simply mixing Almar hot chocolate powder and low-fat milk.

Since 1968 Almar has been carefully selecting raw materials to get excellent products for the refined taste of the most demanding consumers. Almar Chocolate is made from the best Dutch cocoa powder 22/24.

Taste the velvety fragrance of our chocolate.

€6,60 (6,00 € + iva)
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Powder preparation for professional Italian hot chocolate

  • made from the best Dutch cocoa 22/24 quality
  • gluten free, allergen free
  • suitable also for vegan consumption
  • packaging: 250g tin decorated with Victoran and Albert Museum collection drawings
  • shelf life up to 3 years
  • suitable for home use
  • easy to prepare with the microwave or  in a pot
How to prepare
confezione da 300 g 
30g hot chocolate
powder mix

1 lt di latte 
100/120 ml milk

1 tazza
1 cup

Blend in a saucepan 25/30 grams of Cortina mix for hot chocolate in 120 ml of milk. Slowly bring to the boil until reaching the desired density. Serve in a large cup.

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