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Dispensing Machines

Almar  has selecte da the best dispensing machines for thot and cold drinks and creams like: Espresso Ginseng Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Cold coffee cream, red Velvet chocolate, soft Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Granita, Sorbets and Milkshakes.

All the selected machines have been tested and approved for preparation of Almar hot and cold products.

The monoportion Hot chocolate machine Almar DZ012 is the best solution to prepare and e serve italian hot chocolate using single serving sachets

The desk chocolate machine Almar Delice it is the best solution to dispense hot chocolate and Red Velvet chocolate in coffee shops and resturants with higher consumptions.

Almar Minigel is the smaller soft ice cream and frozen yogurt machine. Easy to use and to mantein.

Nina  is the smoller machine to produce coffee cream. Almar Mini slush machine is the more flexible machine for granita and cold creams.