Acticiok Hot Chocolate 100% natural and energetic

Acticiok Hot Chocolate 100% natural and energetic
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Prodotto alimentare senza Glutine
Prodotto senza lattosio
Tutti i prodotti Almar sono senza OGM
Prodotto adatto per Vegani


The energizing hot drink that gives you energy for all day long: during breakfast, after sport or like a snack, for a day full of energy!

unique ...

Rich in iron with energizing properties. Without added salt! Perfect for a hyposodic diet. Without GMOs, coloring and gluten! 100% natural and lactose-free

and healthy

ActiCiok does not contain any ingredients of animal origin. If you are vegan you can prepare it with vegetable milk or water. At any time of the day it gives you the right energy!

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Tasty and Healthy

Energy and taste

Acticiok is unique:

  • rich in iron
  • energizing
  • 100% natural
  • lactose free
  • gluten free
  • no GMO
  • suitable for vegan consumption
  • without added salt: suitable for hyposodic diet.
  • no dyes
How to prepare

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Microwaves 30g sachet 100/120 ml milk 1 cup

Pour 30 g of chocolate powder with 100/120 ml of semi skimmed milk in a cup. Cook the mix using  the microwave for 1.5 min or in a pot boiling slowly until the desired thickness is reached 

Take away Italian Hot Chocolate: To prepare a hot chocolate drink less thick to drink in takeaway cups with straw is enough to increase by 50% the amount of milk.

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